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Big Data Software & Analysis

Samyu Tech can help you turn your data into information. And we can help you keep it safe from prying eyes. We know Software Best Practices across all of your tiers.

  • Government
  • Business
  • Education

Our Experience Can Help You

• Architecture/coding for medical/insurance processing/claims with 250 Million + records
• Architecture/coding for private Mobile-based texting company processing millions of messages
• Optimizing / Troubleshooting – Our practices have enabled up to 96% bandwidth improvement and up 6700% search performance improvement in certain scenarios
• Large-scale e-commerce
• GIS Displays - including the ability to dynamically draw and save new shapes on the map
• Data Security - hashing, encryption and decryption practices for all of your sensitive data
• Business Intelligence - allowing you to get meaningful, actionable information from your mountains of data

Custom applications for your own business intelligence or custom integration of BI Software such as Birst, Sisense, SharePoint and many more.