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It's all about development.

We help you develop quality software.

We help you develop your business.

We help you develop people.

We develop relationships that last.

We develop developers trained in Microsoft Best Practices.

Our mission: To help you in every way we can.

At Samyu Tech, we use the Hawaiian word ohana to describe our team of developers.

To you, it means that every time you add a SamyuTech programmer to your team, you are adding the entire family of SamyuTech resources behind a single desk because that programmer is backed every minute of every day by the knowledge and expertise of our entire organization.

That’s not hype, that’s our company model.

SamyuTech was created in part to provide large and small business everywhere with top-quality .NET software developers, each developer given all of the direct support needed to be successful every time on every project you have.

Under the tutelage of David Gaynes (author, .NET guru, and special consultant at Microsoft with more than a decade of .NET-specific experience), each and every SamyuTech team member has been trained in Microsoft .NET Best Practices. That means your software will be constructed with reusable, scalable, easy-to-maintain components that will provide only the best performance and reliability.

But that isn’t all, because David and the other senior .NET architects and developers at SamyuTech do more than just train other team members. What truly makes SamyuTech so valuable to you is that the senior people at SamyuTech are available all day, every day, to help others on the team be successful. Whether that’s advice on squashing a bug, designing a component, or helping optimize code performance, the senior people are there to make sure your project is done right—the first time.