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.NET Training Boot Camp

Now for Veterans
a Microsoft
Programmer Boot Camp

Eight Weeks From Beginner to Professional

Do you have what it takes to be a professional software developer?

  1. Passion for Learning?

  2. Self Discipline to Work Hard?

  3. Commitment to Be Your Best?

If you do, then we will train you with ALL of the skills you need for success.
  • Web Terms
  • C# .NET Programming
  • SQL Database Programming
  • HTML and CSS Styling
  • JavaScript for Modern Design

Software programming is a stimulating career whose job growth has literally no end in sight.

This incredible, one-of a kind program has never been available at any time specifically for Veterans. Your instructor is David Gaynes, former contractor on campus in Redmond, WA, bona fide .NET guru and published Microsoft author with more than 20 years of experience. Your lessons include only the latest and greatest Microsoft Best Practices including n-tier Object Oriented Programming.

By the completion of the Boot Camp, your expertise will place you far ahead of even experienced junior developers. We train you for 3 months, then hire you and put you to work writing commercial software for a very competitive opening salary plus benefits and annual raises. You will be either working on our own projects or you will work for one of our clients as a temporary resource, on site for them at a location close to you, doing development work for them.

You do not need a background in technology to take advantage of this FREE program. Just have your own computer and an internet connection. Of course if you do have the background, we can extend your education for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Programmer Image

We think Veterans have: self-discipline, self motivation, teamwork, commitment and professionalism. So you make the best trainees and employees. If that is you then we would like to work with you if we can, for reasons on many levels.

To find out more, just contact
The Trainer
at BlueTech. Then come and work with us!